I have moved my website to a new location: bp.io (because it's oh so cool to have really tiny urls and means that I need only remember 4 characters -- the limits of my memory.) This blog also has a new location: blog.bp.io.

The top-level (io) stands for the British Indian Ocean Territory that has a population of 4,000. They've opened up the .io top-level domain for international registrations, like the Cocos Islands (.cc) and many others have done. It's now big business for small countries with cool abbreviations to do this. And it's lucrative ... consider the €60 I just paid for one year's registration, compared to about €5 a year for a .net.au or .com, etc. Thinking relatively though, it just means that I have one less cafe latte every week -- which is a good thing.


End of thecemadaily.blogspot.com

I'm closing the cema daily blog today. My original idea was to publish results from a half hour experiment per week from the crew at cema (my research group), but, like all things, this idea suffered from entropy and the few things become one thing, and then half a thing, and now no things. I'd like to thank the cema people for helping with this experiment (especially Taras who contributed a third of the posts!)

In retrospect, I think that the idea applies more to my own personal development than something I could impose on others. Here's a collage of the contributions I made to that blog -- my highlights were: the ben scribble, the hierarchical voronoi space partition, the dandelion, and the random city. My experiments in gfx/code will continue but I will post them here instead of there.

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