Me and von Neumann

I'm in Budapest, the birthplace of John von Neumann. I found a statue at Budapest Technical University!

From eurotrip 1b


Off to europe!

I'm off to Europe in 3 days! You can follow my adventures here.

I will be summarising the Dagstuhl workshop here hopefully shortly after it finishes. Besides that this blog will be quiet for the next 2 months.


A Developmental System for Organic Form Synthesis (Tech Report)

If you're interested in the methods I used to make the starfish animation, I have recently published a technical report describing the system: A Developmental System for Organic Form Synthesis. Enjoy! Or not!


It looks like an echinoderm...

...but do all echinoderms have only five arms? Here is a video that is work in progress for an upcoming CEMA exhibition. The exhibition will be running from mid July through August at Cube37 in the Frankston Arts centre. The exhibition presents several computer-generated animations or interactive works over the exhibition period, including work from Jon McCormack, Alan Dorin, Gordon Monro, Ollie Bown, Troy Innocent, Mark Guglielmetti, Alice Eldridge, Taras Kowaliw and myself. It is my understanding that the works will be shown in the evening and through the night, with the exception of Ollie Bown's sound installation which will be running during the day. The works are loosely based around the concept of "ecosystems", though mine is obviously based on "organism" rather than systems of organisms.


i get distracted

To my friends and family, this might explain my behaviour at social events.

In other news, I fly to Frankfurt next Friday!