I stumbled across the simpsonizeme.com website [http://simpsonizeme.com/] which takes a photo and converts it to a Simpsons style caricature. You can then manually change the features if the suggestion is not quite right. A few changes later and I ended up with this -- close, but maybe a bit too old/yellow. :)

There is also a different manual simpson avatar creator at [http://www.simpsonsmovie.com/] which is also quite fun to play with.

It's fun to think of the huge parameter space governed by these systems, and maybe an aesthetic/genetic selection mechanism would be better suited to searching through the space or automating the creation of new characters.


Adam said...

I found the simpsonizeme website to a bit generic, try out the southpark one on www.sp-studio.de

eigenbom said...

The South Park one seems fun too. Upon inspection they both seem to have about the same number of components ... I guess it's just a matter of which style you prefer, and whether your defining features are available in the system.